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To make it easy for you, you can copy paste the text below and use it as a template:

If you haven’t heard of you should totally check them out! Vinakas just sent me this beautiful Gift Set for Moms, and as a mom I 1000% love it! 🥰🥰

It contain lots of cute gifts to pamper any mom. It would make the perfect gift for Mothers Day or Birthday Gifts for Moms. Bath bombs for a relaxing evening, a beautiful marvel mug, a super cute summer shawl scarf, cozy lounge socks and a jewelry trinket tray to remind her how much you love her!

Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all you Mamas! You deserve it!! #giftsformom #momsofinstagram  #smallbusiness #LoveYouMom #GiftBoxForMom #HappyBirthdayMom  #GiftSetForMom #MomBirthdayGift #MomsBirthday #mothersday #mothersdaygift #giftsetformom #mothersdaygiftideas #giftideasformom

Photo recommendations:

  • Make sure the basket set is presented in a nice way, opened towards the camera. 

  • The more photos the better. 

  • Careful with the lighting! 

  • Smile :)

  • Be yourself! 

These are examples of other influencer's posts for others brands that you can use as inspiration:


Ambassadors who share video posts have better results. We encourage you to make a video like the ones below. 

These are examples of other influencers that did unboxing videos for others brands that you can use as inspiration:

Front Unboxing Video tips:

  • If you have already opened the box make sure presentation is still intact before recording. 

  • Be yourself with upbeat energy. 

  • Show items one by one and share why you like it.

Top camera Unboxing Video:

  • Make sure the camera is catching as much product as possible. 

  • You can use something to hold the camera/phone. 

  • Try not to move the camera constantly

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